Announcing the Boolean Contest Winners – January 4th, 2016

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Thanks everyone for participating in the year-end Boolean Sourcing contest! The prize is the 300 Best Boolean Strings e-Book  that is being released two weeks from now.

Sourcing is a global discipline! We had truly international participation this time, with contestants coming from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Russia, Switzerland, Romania, Hungary, Philippines, and Saudi Arabia. Wow!

And the three Boolean Contest Winners are:

Honorable mentions go to:

– who also did very well.


Here is to a successful year of Sourcing!

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  1. infosourcer – Bellingham, WA – I am a research nut and I love technology, especially social media. InfoSourcer represents the sourcing of information, wherever it may lie, but most importantly it's about sharing. Currently at Cloudera, where I am a purple squirrel hunter, unicorn wrangler and leprechaun finder (read: Sr. Talent Sourcer).
  2. niteshthesourcer – NewDelhi , India – About me..Well, I would love to either win the lottery, become a celebrity and travel the world, come up with the "next big thing" and retire early with my own pottery studio in the backyard, or all of the above."So be it" !! Apart from dreaming, I work with recruiters globally (NA/APAC/CE/UK/Sweden) on a daily and continual basis to identify potential candidates through the use of Boolean searches, user groups, professional and social-networking,candidate referrals, networking and web sourcing.

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