“Irina’s ideas and techniques are dazzling. I truly regard her as a search genius.”

– Paul Myers, BBC

“I tend not to share many blogs I read, but Irina Shamaeva’s Boolean Strings blog really is the best place to learn new practical useful sourcing techniques. It just filled with well-researched stuff that works. I know a good bit about sourcing, sourcers I respect have, from time to time, called me a sourcing expert, but rarely does Irina post a blog where I don’t learn something. I don’t think I could recommend a better sourcing blog.”

– Shane McCusker, Intelligence Software

Irina Shamaeva is a recognized leader in Sourcing, Social Recruiting, and Internet Research. Lately, her content has been gaining popularity in OSINT circles.

She is Partner and Chief Sourcer at Brain Gain Recruiting, an executive search firm that eventually expanded into research and training.

Irina takes on Sourcing /Name Generation/Internet Research projects across numerous industries and geographies – which she loves doing!

She shares her discoveries, techniques, and strategies on her blog Boolean Strings and online presentations. She is Founder and Trainer at the Sourcing Training & Certification Program, which has become the program of choice for recruiters worldwide. Tens of thousands of professionals have attended Irina’s webinars on Search Engines, LinkedIn, Social Recruiting, Internet Research, and tools.

The latest addition to the training program that aims to improve diversity hiring is the Diversity Sourcing Training and Certification Program (CDSP), already completed by over 400 Recruiters from companies including large corporations in Tech, Retail, Healthcare, and Banking well as agencies.

Irina is a frequent speaker at international conferences.

Irina’s recent venture is SocialList.io, an online research tool for assembling highly targeted lists of professionals from public social network profiles. The tool is based on Custom (Programmable) Search Engines APIs.

Irina has co-authored three books together with David Galley:

Before Brain Gain Recruiting, Sourcing Training and Certification Program, and SocialList.io, Irina held software engineering and management leadership positions at biotech and high technology companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Irina has a Master of Science Degree in Mathematics with Honors from Moscow University.

To learn more about Irina, check out her LinkedIn Profile, and follow her on Twitter.