Hidden LinkedIn Search Operators

As of November 2022, these operators work in LinkedIn Recruiter and Lite if you use them in the Job Title or Company fields. However, firstname:, lastname:, school:, company: and title: currently do not work. The operators have stopped working on LinkedIn.com.

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Operator Search for Values Calculated by LinkedIn
headline: keywords in headline text string no
summary: keywords in summary text string no
skills: keywords in skills text string no
spokenlanguage: language proficiency text string no
startyear: start year in college year no
endyear: end year in college year no
title: current job title text string no
company: current company name text string no
school: school name text string no
firstname: first name text string no
lastname: last name text string no
industry: industry Industry Codes no
companytype: company type Company Type Codes no
companysize: company size Company Size Codes yes
seniority: seniority Seniority Codes yes
degree: degree Degree Codes yes
profilelanguage: profiles in other languages by a two-letter language abbreviation Language Codes no
functions: functions Job Functions yes
yoe: years of experience number between 0 and 100 yes
yoecc: years at current company number between 0 and 100 yes
yoepos: years in position number between 0 and 100 yes
fieldsofstudy: fields of study FoS Codes no
schoolid: school id School Codes no

For phrases, use quotation marks “”.