Hidden LinkedIn Search Operators

Last updated: March 17, 2021

Put multiple arguments inside () and separate them by spaces to create an AND statement.

Some of the operators accept Boolean operators.

Operator Search for Values Calculated by LinkedIn
headline: keywords in headline no
skills: keywords in skills no
spokenlanguage: language proficiency no
startyear: start year in college no
endyear: end year in college no
geo: Geoname Geonames no
title: current job title no
company: current company name no
school: school name no
firstname: first name no
lastname: last name no
industry: industry Industry Codes no
companytype: company type Company Type Codes
companysize: company size Company Size Codes
seniority: seniority Seniority Codes yes
profilelanguage: profiles in other languages by a two-letter language abbreviation Language Codes no
functions: functions Job Functions yes
yoe: years of experience yes
fieldsofstudy: fields of study FoS Codes no
schoolid: school id School Codes no