150+ Top Sourcing / #OSINT Tools

Here is a list of tools and resources for all things sourcing and #OSINT. Most of them are easy-to-use and make our lives more convenient, productive, and creative.

Last updated: July 11, 2022

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Our Sourcing Tool

  • SocialList.io ❤❤ – find and export lists of public Social Profiles precisely matching your requirements (no need for Boolean). Monthly subscription, one-week trial  

Organize Extensions in Chrome


Scroll and open

Web Content


Writing job posts

Scraping, Parsing, Filtering, and Sorting

  • Outwit Docs – an application; download files from a search
  • Outwit Hub – an application ($). It parses and collects data on web pages with lists of similar entries (but get a fast computer)
  • Julia’s Online Email Extractor ❤❤ – paste text in the box, extract email addresses (for PDFs)
  • Julia’s EmailExtractor  ❤❤ – Chrome Extension – collect email addresses from all the pages you visit
  • Instant Data Scraper by Webrobots.io – does a great job out-of-the-box
  • Data Miner – scraper with a visual UI
  • PhantomBuster – scrapers for LinkedIn and Facebook, automation scripts (low volume is free)
  • ScrapeStorm – downloadable, configurable scraping app (low volume is free)
  • Linked Helper – automation tool; works as a scraper (trial, subscription)
  • Dux-Soup – automation tool; works as a scraper (subscription)
  • SQL query generator – get detailed info on StackOverflow users

Social Lookup & Contact Info

Contact Verification

Social Media Monitoring

URL analysis

LinkedIn-friendly Boolean Builder by Sourcing Certifications ❤

Company Research and Datasets

Relocation and country-specific information


Custom Search Engines

I have created a set of advanced custom search engines for Sourcing – feel free to include them in your practice.

Diversity CSE

Find the full CSE coverage in the unique CSE book we wrote

Global Search Engines

Search “from elsewhere”

Special Google Dialogs

Topical Searches

General Tools

URL Shortening

Record yourself



Simple Image Editing

  • PicPick (has a “blur” function)

Second Chrome to run


Social Tools

Social Media Automation

Other lists of tools

Recommended content

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