How to Find Facebook Graph IDs for Job Titles

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To find potential candidates or prospects on Facebook with the help of the Graph Search, which I covered in the previous post, we need to use Facebook IDs (long numbers) for Job Titles. These IDs are not always easy to identify.

For a particular job title, the ID in question is the ID of the page corresponding to the job title. I.e. it needs to be the page with the appropriate name (such as “Software Engineer”) that is the most popular. We can search for those pages like this:

However, in many cases, the choices presented by the search above do not point to “the” page we need to use. I recommend to use a search for a Work Position instead: 

(replace Sofware+Engineer with your term) – it will likely show the page you are looking for. The long number “117968858296276” in this search is not a Facebook ID; rather, it tells Facebook that we are looking for a Work Position.

So, the correct page for the “Software Engineer” is and the ID to use is 110265725662722. Now we can search for Software Engineers like this:

This helpful post shares quite a few IDs corresponding to job titles across industries. You can also find many IDs using the tool Search Is Back, by selecting a job title from the drop-down menu.

Here are some examples of searches for the IT industry using job title IDs. You can combine these with additional search filers, such as locations:

Happy Facebook Graph searching!

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  1. Whenever I attempt to use the above search string to find a job ID I am only getting a Facebook page saying, “This page isn’t available”. It doesn’t seem to matter what job title ID I try to find when I use the “” I get the same Facebook page indicating the page isn’t available.

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