Three More Operators!

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I have discovered three more never documented LinkedIn search operators, that work with any free or premium account, in addition to the ones highlighted in Two Undocumented LinkedIn Search Operators.

The first one is industry:, with the possible values listed in Industry Codes. Example:


searches for people in Accounting.

While the advanced people search dialog does include industries, the operator provides a way to look for an OR of industries or exclude industries from the search. For example,

NOT industry:104

excludes people in Staffing and Recruiting from the search.

The second one is seniority:, with the possible values ranging from 1 to 10, listed in Seniority Codes. Example:


finds VP-level members.

Note that, for some members, LinkedIn has assigned more that one seniority levels (I guess, it felt undecided 😉). For example, this search

seniority:”5 6″

will find members who are both at a Manager and Director levels.

The third operator is spokenlanguage: – quite useful when sourcing for bilingual or diversity members. Example:



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