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Are you struggling to find more matching potential candidates in LinkedIn Recruiter? The reason may be that you are using some search fields that restrict your results without your knowledge.

I see two reasons for the search algorithm to challenge us:

  1. The original, kept in place, profile data design does not work well with the actual data that members enter, and poor search follows.
  2. LinkedIn’s “semantic” interpretation of our keywords has ways to go (to put it mildly).

Here are some tips on search variations to expand your coverage in Recruiter.

Company Size

Apparently, about 50% of LinkedIn members do not have an associated company size. (No, it is not an April Fool’s joke.) It is easy to check: search for “all members” with each company size selected, and you will see the results go down fifty percent. (Ask me or David Galley if you want to know how it happens.) If you are searching by company size, you are excluding half of LinkedIn!

Therefore, drop the company size filter from some of your searches, and you will find extra results.

Company Name (Boolean) vs. Company Selection

Often, recruiters have a preference for searching either one way or the other. But to be thorough, it is best to use both. The results will overlap but differ. If in a hurry, use Boolean.

Job Title (Boolean) vs. Job Title Selection

LinkedIn’s idea of “similar” job titles does not reflect the reality in so many cases. So it is best to use Boolean (and be imaginative and thorough when writing your “OR” statements).

For “selections,” LinkedIn Recruiter may bring in “similar terms” that you do not wish to see and miss those you do. But if you have the time, search by selections, too, to possibly see different results.

The difference between the “Boolean” vs. “selections” options to search in all the fields where it is offered is not subtle – results are quite different.

Finding the Unemployed

Another warning: If you select the “function” or “seniority,” you will miss people without current jobs. Company names, types, sizes, years at the company and in position will do the same.

There is more to be said about the Recruiter search that is absent in the help documentation!

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