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Boolean Strings Network is the largest online community of professionals who are interested in Sourcing, Recruiting, and Internet Research. We have been around for nine years now and are going stronger as the global need for sourcing skills grows.

As of now (Fall 2017), we have:

Over the same time, we at Sourcing Certification have provided structured online and face-to-face training in research techniques to tens of thousands of Boolean Network members. Our attendees tell us that our presentations are “informative”, “in-depth”, “up-to-date”, and provide complete coverage of the discipline of Sourcing. Everyone who signs up for a class gets one month of support to practice the new skills. For those who are especially hungry to acquire as much sourcing knowledge as possible, we offer a year-long subscription to our Training Library and live webinars.

We have been informing Boolean Strings Network about posts, news, and webinars over LinkedIn groups. At this time we are switching to an email newsletter, a more reliable way to deliver information to our followers. You are also invited to join our Facebook group if you haven’t!

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Happy Sourcing to All!