Advanced Sourcing School Q&A

Information and Registration:
Advanced Sourcing School – October 2022



I would like to attend the class, but I am unsure if I am a beginner or not. What skills should I have familiarity with before I take the class?


Thank you for reaching out! We expect participants to be familiar with advanced Google search (X-Ray), LinkedIn sourcing, and a few tools like Chrome extensions. We teach “from the beginning;” it is a lot of material, but you can take your time to study (then take the exam at a future session).

I have a list of questions; feel free to respond, and I will provide feedback.

  1. Where do you spend most of your time sourcing (LinkedIn or another platform)?
  2. What sites, in addition to LinkedIn, do you use?
  3. What is your primary challenge when sourcing on LinkedIn?
  4. Do you utilize Google X-Ray searches, and how often?
  5. What is the most challenging type of role you have to source for?
  6. What is your favorite contact-finding Chrome extension?
  7. What would you like to learn in a sourcing training class?