How to Search by City Location on LinkedIn

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The worst part of people search is that we no longer can search by any location other than a standardized one, like “San Francisco Bay Area” (where I live). But my area is large; people won’t commute from San Jose to San Francisco, for example. The workaround for narrowing down to a “city” location, like “San Jose, California,” is …

How to Correctly X-Ray LinkedIn for Headlines

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It is quite unexpected – and 99.99% of LinkedIn members do not realize that – but in LinkedIn people search, Headlines are not taken into account! (Easy to check). The Headline is the main intro on your profile that you want the world to see but you cannot be found by it. OOPS, LinkedIn. The moral of the story is …

LinkedIn Activity Called Working from Home

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I have just discovered that X-Raying LinkedIn on Google in the following manner: “image for * * activity called <keywords>” – finds profiles that have shared a status on LinkedIn that includes <keywords>. Combined with professional terms such as skills and job titles, the search can point you to people who are more open to new opportunities, as an …

Google CSEs Go Wild with LinkedIn URLs

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This post will be of interest to those who use or create Custom Search Engines, in particular, to X-Ray LinkedIn for profiles (and avoid high LinkedIn subscription fees). The post is somewhat technical except for the first few paragraphs. We have a webinar on CSEs if you want to dig deeper into CSEs. You might have noticed that the LinkedIn …

Three LinkedIn Recruiter Sourcing Secrets

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LinkedIn Recruiter and the Talent Pipeline When we talk with our sourcing and recruiting clients and our students about paid tools they invest in, we almost invariably learn that all or most Recruiters on the team have LinkedIn Recruiter (LIR) subscriptions. Our recent Facebook group poll has confirmed the same. Yet the majority of LIR users are unaware of its …

The Complete Guide to X-Raying LinkedIn

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Have you been finding that you are not getting the right results with some LinkedIn X-Ray strings that used to work? That is because the structure of public profiles has changed in several ways over the past few months. Here is what can and cannot be done as of now. X-Ray LinkedIn for: Current Job Title: possible using the operator …

Broken LinkedIn Boolean Explained and Webinar

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  I have figured out how it works and will briefly explain below. We have announced a new delivery of the LinkedHacks webinar, live on May 1st, to fully update you. (Don’t miss it; seating is limited). Come to learn how to not only work with Premium and Basic accounts but take advantage of a new hidden feature! Of course, …

Update on LinkedIn People Search

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What happened? As of two days ago, search operators (that I have covered in previous posts) have stopped working on LinkedIn. This includes not only undocumented operators like headline: but also the officially documented operators firstname:, lastname:, title:, company:, and school:. (They were introduced in 2017). It’s quite unfortunate! [Edited April 22, 2019: LinkedIn has taken down that help page.] …

Tip Sheet – Who Can Search for What on LinkedIn

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Here is a new Tip Sheet – Who Can Search for What on LinkedIn. Look how powered-up a basic/business account is now (with our operator discoveries)! Lite looks dim (pun intended). Learn LinkedIn hacks and operators in the webinar LinkedHacks for Sourcing and eBook Sourcing Hacks.

LinkedIn Keywords Boolean Search Is Compromised

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Some of us, when starting a new search, go to LinkedIn, type a few terms – including, perhaps, a title and some skills – into the Keywords field in people search and try to assess the volume of potential candidates. However, if you do so, your answers may be flawed. The LinkedIn Boolean Search Help article tells us, “If your …