One day Boolean Event with Irina Shamaeva

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Next Saturday, February 7, 2009, I will be offering a one day Boolean workshop. Like my month-long workshop, it is also a new format. It is supposed to help recruiters and sourcers to jump-start web sourcing skills, learn more about Boolean search on the web, and get to a more advanced level. Here is how it works.
1. If you sign up, please prepare your questions on web sourcing and Boolean search. The questions can be on general web sourcing-related subjects, or you could prepare requests for help with a particular search you are doing for work. It would be to our advantage if you prepare all the relevant details; if you will be asking advice on how to search it would help if you include searches you tried.
2. On Saturday 2/7 you can post your question(s) at any time between 9 am and 5 pm PST. The forum where the questions can be posted will be by invitation only. (No postings after 5 pm on 2/7 will be accepted.) I will be responding to questions during the day on Saturday. I will respond to the unanswered questions in the next few days, if I don’t have enough time on Saturday.
(You do not need to be at the event all day. All you need is to post your questions at some point on Saturday. You can review the answers later.)
3. All participants will keep access to all the materials for this workshop – as well as to a collection of articles on Boolean search on Google and all the materials of the month-long workshops. The articles and discussions are searchable.
4. If there’s interest, participants will be able to “upgrade” their one-day class participation to the month-long workshop that starts on February 9th.
The introductory price for this one-day event is $20. You can sign up HERE.

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