Productivity Tools and Techniques for Internet Sourcing – Jan 11, 2012

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Training Special: Now by Jan 10, 2012: get two or more prerecorded classes and get a complementary pass for this webinar, “Productivity Tools and Techniques for Internet Sourcing” Join us for a Webinar on January 11 Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: Productive searching for professional peoples on the Internet does not equal learning advanced Boolean search syntax …

Cross-Referencing with Chrome

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Anyone who looks for people on the Internet knows that rarely do we encounter information complete enough to instantly qualify the person as a potential candidate or a potential client. Say, if I am browsing a forum with posts on the desired technology, I see the names of members; there’s a need to cross-reference those names to find out more. Here’s how …

“Why Google-Plus Has No Competition” (post on Technorati)

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Per their rules I can’t copy the content from Technorati; I invite my readers to check out my blog post there, “Why Google-Plus Has No Competition“.  

How to Find Software Engineers for Your Openings

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Software Engineers are in high demand these days, at least in some geographical areas like the San Francisco Bay Area and for some “hot” skills like Java/mobile engineering. However, it is not easy to find true software engineering talent anywhere. Here are some suggestions. Keywords For better search, make sure you know how software engineering terms relate to each other. …

Why You Must Start Using Google-Plus for Sourcing and Recruiting

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If you are waiting to start using Google-Plus for sourcing and recruiting, you will soon find yourself falling behind your  competition. Google-plus is still smaller than major social networks but its size doesn’t matter that much. It is also a moving target in terms of its functionality, but that makes it even more interesting! Here are just a few tips. …

20 Online “Lead Generation” Sites

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Recruiters, sourcers, on one hand, and sales, marketing, and business development professionals, on the other hand, perform this function as part of what we all do: find potential business contacts, or find professional profiles along with the contact information. In the recruiting world we call it Sourcing (or Internet Sourcing, as opposed to Phone Sourcing; I believe this distinction is obsolete though). …

Webinar “How to Find Contact Information”

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Webinar is over. Today ONLY: Pay the webinar price at and we will electronically ship all the materials including the slides, the video recording, plus one month support.   Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: It happens to many of us that we locate a person who seems like a fantastic potential candidate or a business …

Excluding Junk Results From Search

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This is going to be a little bit technical… I am going to talk about pages that often show up in Google search results, when I do sourcing, that I’d rather skip. (If you don’t care to go through the technical stuff, please just skip to the last paragraph, or simply try my new Custom Search Engine.) Many Internet researchers know …


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TheSocialCV (“Organizing the world’s largest real-time global talent pool.”) is also a candidate to be the Dream Software. Not only do they have crawled over 100 MLN profiles (comparable to LinkedIn), their profiles come from dozens of places, are in many languages, and they are applying semantic search process when they crawl.  While they are based in the UK, they collect profiles …


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TalentBin is one example of a sourcing product that has a potential to become the Dream Software. (Please note: it’s a paid product; I am not affiliated with this – or any – vendor). I have been using it for for sourcing for Brain Gain Recruiting and also spoke in some detail with its founder Peter Kazanjy. Here’s, in brief, my …