Locating Qualified Candidates on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn provides advanced capabilities to search for candidates. We also know how to X-ray LinkedIn. One problem is, though, that the majority of LinkedIn users have profiles that are barely filled out. Quite often all they have is a list of titles and companies. While these people may be fantastic potential candidates, they haven’t put the right keywords in their profiles for us to find them. If this is the case, one of the ways to still locate these people is to look by LinkedIn group memberships.

Here’s an example. Suppose I am looking for candidates with secret clearances of some sort. The potential candidate may have no clearance-related words in the profile, but may, as an example, belong to the LinkedIn group “Cleared Connections”. If person’s profile also shows employers that are likely to hire cleared people, we can reasonably expect that the person has a clearance as well.

To find those candidates, one option is to join the group “Cleared Connections”, use the LinkedIn advanced people dialog and look for candidates just within this group. (Did you know that you can restrict your choice of people search results by one or more of your group memberships?)

Or, you could do a Google X-ray search (add your keywords to narrow it down)

inurl:in OR inurl:pub site:www.linkedin.com -intitle:directory “Cleared Connections” <your keywords>

Or, try

LinkedIn People Finder

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