Semantic Search for Recruiters, Sample Approaches

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Semantic search for recruiters, ideally, would let us enter a job description and get lists of matching candidates.

Here are some sample approaches that either have been implemented in new semantic search tools for recruiters or can be accomplished through search engines like Google (learn more by getting my Google DVD).

  • Word proximity. If the work managed in near the word people in a resume, we are most likely looking at a manager’s resume.
  • Abbreviations. It certainly helps to recognize that Sr. is Senior, and PwC is Pricewaterhousecoopers.
  • Synonyms. If you are looking for a Software Engineer, a Software Developer is a match as well.
  • Weighted words. You may want to say that some skills are “must-have”, and some are “nice to have”, or, in a more complex system, give higher “weights” to words that are more important.
  • Keyword clouds. Some keywords may not be in a job description but are common, say, for the industry. Using those terms in a search helps.
  • Ranking. Search engines rank pages higher if the pages are more popular; we need to see pages that are most relevant, and this is not the same.

Would you like to add more? 🙂

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