LinkedIn Profiles: an In-Depth Look – Webinar on June 8th

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If a LinkedIn member wishes not to have a public profile, LinkedIn promptly removes the info from the Web. However, did you know that what you see marked as private profiles in search results has nothing to do with personal privacy settings? The majority of LinkedIn profiles are public and can be viewed – without upgrading your account. Come to my webinar to get an in-depth look at searching and viewing LinkedIn profiles and contacting prospects on LinkedIn.

Space is limited.

Link to register:


* Exploring Private Profiles
* Getting Info on Out-of-Network Profiles
* How to Find More than 100 Members in a Search
* Which Profile Info Can and Cannot Be Found
– LinkedIn Search
– Web Search
* Advanced People Search Dialog Tips
* Selecting Target Lists of Connections
* Email Addresses for LinkedIn Members
– Finding
– Verifying
* Cross-referencing Using LinkedIn
* Discovering LinkedIn Profiles on Blogs and Twitter
* Custom Search Engines for LinkedIn
* Resources

As the results of the webinar you will get to the next level in your ability to quickly and easily find the right people on LinkedIn, and make the right choices about upgrading your account.The webinar will be of practical use for recruiters, sourcers, sales, marketing people, and anybody else who would like to find business prospects on LinkedIn. Lecture, demonstration, and Q&A will be included in the presentation. You need to have at least some basic search skills for LinkedIn and for Google to benefit.

Date/time: Tuesday, June 8th, 9 am PDT/noon EDT
Length: 90 min
Price: $79
As always, my webinars come with one month of Q&A over email.

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  1. Irina — love your great insights and deep knowledge of LinkedIn and how it works. Very very informative and helpful. I had a specific question for you that I am sure you can answer easily. When I click on “Who Has Looked At Your Profile?” on my LinkedIn HomePage, the listing sometimes includes people’s names and pictures (full profile) and other times it simply says, “Anonymous LinkedIn User” or “Someone in the Investment Management Industry in NYC”. How does a user create a setting that will permit them to remain anonymous when looking at other people’s profiles? Thank you very much for your help.

    1. Hi Ellen,
      Thanks! 🙂 Your view of those profiles reflects the personal settings of those LinkedIn members. Take a look at your own settings and you will see that you can control how those people, whose profiles you view, will learn about you; it ranges from “no notice at all” to “view the full profile”.

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