How to Expand People Search Options for a Basic User

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Here’s a LinkedIn  tip. If you copy a people search URL from a premium member and use it for a basic member, it will work just fine. Of course, you will need to decide whether you are up for using it or not.

Let me illustrate it. Compare the two sides of the screenshot below . They were both created using the URL (paste it in your browser).

On the left  side you see a piece of a premium holder search screen with some choices picked; on  right side you see a screen shot ot a basic user account with the exactly same premium (though visually disabled) options selected.

(Someone could probably create a table of substrings that need to be used in the URLs  per each premium field, per each of its  options. It looks pretty strightforward;  you need to add something  like


to the URL of the advanced search page.)

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