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For those of you lucky folks who are using LinkedIn Recruiter this wouldn’t be a surprise – but I haven’t tried the service up till this weekend, when I was looking at a client’s search together with the client who has this type of account.

Here is what I’ve observed. With all the industrial strength search and ability to send dozens of inmails, the results we see in the LinkedIn Recruiter search are very partial views of the profiles.

(To start with, the LinkedIn Recruiter doesn’t highlight the search keywords while a search with a basic account does.)  And here’s what you would see in a profile viewed from a LinkedIn Recruiter account:

Compared to the profile view someone from a person’s network would have (log in to see what I mean; a “basic” LinkedIn account is fine) the view from a LinkedIn Recruiter has none of these:

  • picture
  • status
  • Twitter ID
  • public profile URL
  • groups the person is a member of
  • attached files, possibly including a full resume
  • latest blog posts from WordPress – or any other LinkedIn applications’ addition to profiles.

Even the public profile accessible without logging into LinkedIn would have the picture and the groups, but the LinkedIn Recruiter view lacks that info and hides the URL of the public profile along with that.

As a LinkedIn Recruiter user, would you want to see any of these: attached files, groups, blogs, the missing “social network” content, like seen in the screenshots below? OK; log into LinkedIn with a personal account from a different browser and you will see all that. So, if you use LinkedIn Recruiter, it’s best to run your personal LinkedIn account side-by-side and check profiles from there. (Want to know how? Shoot me a note.) Maybe you will save yourself an inmail or two and altogether will be much more efficient while recruiting.


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