Webinar: LinkedIn for Recruiters

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Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:
[This webinar is over and was well attended and appreciated. I will be repeating it in 2 weeks from now. Interested? Send me a note.]

88% of recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn. Yet many of us would do much better, find more candidates and contact the right candidates if we have more knowledge, insights, and examine our assumtions about this social network.

Join me for a webinar packed with information and hints on LinkedIn utilization. The webinar will be useful and have advice for people with all levels of accounts: basic, business, and “LinkedIn Recruiter”. Here are some topics I will cover:

* LinkedIn advanced search syntax
* Public and private profiles
* Out-of-network profiles
* Profile views at different level of accounts
* Why even LinkedIn Recruiter owners need to remain social
* How to get the most info for a given LinkedIn member
* Utilizing Emails, Inmails, messages, and invitations
* LinkedIn groups as a recruiting tool
* Sharing content and job posts on LinkedIn
* Company research and alerts on LinkedIn
* Searching LinkedIn from Google
* Searching LinkedIn from Bing/Yahoo
* How to cross-reference using LinkedIn
* How barely filled out profiles may be useful
* How LinkedIn is different from a Job Board
* Combining LinkedIn with Job Boards
* LinkedIn add-on tools
* Resources

The webinar is at an intermediate-to-advanced level.

Length: 90 min
Cost: $79
Date/Time: Sept 2nd, 9 am PDT/noon EDT

Unlimited Q&A for one month and the slides are included.

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