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In our practice as recruiters once in a while we look at “confidential” resumes, with the name and the contact info stripped off. If we are curious to find out more about the person, we can try to check the person out on the web, perhaps starting with LinkedIn.

Here is a quick example. Let’s look at a resume from the job board Jobs for IT and ERP.

Senior Applications Architect … + years of
SAP product experience.
SAP Americas Mar  till Date

BearingPoint Jan  to Mar 
As a Senior
consultant with this company, worked on a number of clients in the areas of SAP R/ and ECC .. …
IBM Corporation Aug  to Jan 
Initially joined their global services division after which worked for one of the internal divisions within IBM. Worked on a production support and new project development activities including for a large upgrade from . to .c initiative involving + users and  different geographies..

Searching for phrases in quotation marks may prove helpful: “Initially joined their global services division after which worked for one of the internal divisions within IBM”

…it’s not always as easy as in this case, but using company names and titles it’s quite often possible to locate the person in question.

So, the info is out there and nothing is wrong in locating it. Of course, we must remain professional in ways we might use it. At the same time, we should not forward resumes of our candidates anywhere without their approval, even in a “confidential” format.

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  1. Hi Irina,

    Thanks a lot again for this post!

    If I have a confidential CV (pdf or doc format) I usually check properties for finding the author… It can also be helpful as most of the CV writers use their personal computer for creating CVs. And then, having their name (or at least a nick name) we can get back to LinkedIn or google…

    Certainly confidential authors want to be hidden – so we should proceed rather carefully.

    Have a nice day,

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