10 Internet Sourcing Myths

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  1. Boolean search strings should be very long and complex to work well.
  2. There are top 5 (or 10 or 20) Boolean search strings that gurus know of. I would do great if I could find out what those strings are!
  3. If I have access to Boolean strings templates all I have to do is add keywords, and the search is done.
  4. To search for email addresses all you do is put *@company.com into Google, and you find them.
  5. Boolean search will soon be completely replaced by semantic search.
  6. Metasearch engines obviously search better than individual search engines – they look into multiple sources.
  7. Sometimes the Yahoo search engine will find results that neither Google nor Bing can find.
  8. If I only had money for LinkedIn Recruiter, I would be able to find anybody with the given skills on LinkedIn.
  9. I need to choose between Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, depending on which network works best.
  10. Internet Sourcing is incredibly hard. Until I am done studying all the materials and sites I can’t even begin sourcing.

Anybody wants to add more? 🙂