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Many of us would agree that LinkedIn Groups are a great way to post jobs to your target audience. While Discussions allow to include a URL to an outside site or a blog, the Jobs section only allows to post a title and text. If you feel like including the original job post URL, so that candidates can apply on your site, do the following:

  • Post a discussion item in the discussion section, with the “apply” link included
  • Flag it as a Job:

Now this post is in the job section – and the group members have an easy way to go and apply on your site using the link that you have included:

Like it? Feel like posting the job to several groups? Share a link to your job post with those groups and then move the post to the Jobs section in each group. It’s also faster than posting  jobs individually.

Oh, and there’s one more advantage: others (such as helpful people who know of a referral, or members of your recruiting team) can now easily “share” your job post with LinkedIn members, post to updates and repost to other groups.

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  1. HI Irina

    I sm harsha arecruiter i wanted toknow how tounlockprimium profiles in linkedin
    do you have any material in your post if yes plz let meknow
    thanks forthe help your blog is realy useful for Staffing industry


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