Sourcing Process for Talent Hunters – Nov 23rd

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This webinar will be useful for all talent hunters: sourcers and recruiters from corporations, agencies, and those who work individually.

[The webinar is over. Please check the Downloads section for available training materials, or let me know if you’d want to arrange training on related topics.]

Carson’s Law: It’s better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick.

Would you like to find more qualified candidates in less time and with a lower budget? Do you get stuck when looking for some hard-to-find skills? Do you have a high volume of requirements? Do you have a team and want to find ways to collaborate and share sourcing knowledge?

We will explore several steps that form an optimal sourcing process and will look into ways to enhance and customize your sourcing process. I will included some unpublished sourcing tips in the presentation, to add to your toolbox. I will also present examples of sourcing projects from my own practice.

Registered attendees are welcome to send me sample searches or questions ahead of time, and I will do my best include those in the presentation as well. As always, one month of follow-up Q&A over email is included.

Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $79
Date/Time: Nov 23rd (Tue) noon EST/ 9  AM PST

• Sourcing Challenges
• Elements of a Sourcing Process

  • Doing Your Research
  • Going for the Low-Hanging Fruit
  • Cross-Posting Requirements
  • Digging Deeper on LinkedIn
  • Using Boolean Strings for the Web
  • Exploring Niche Sites and Places
  • Filtering and Sorting Search Results
  • Saving, Sharing, and Reusing Searches
  • Messaging, Emailing, and Calling
  • Caring About Your Brand

• Keeping Up with New Tools
• Examples

  • Hunt for Google Software Engineers
  • Looking for SAP Consultants (or a custom example from the audience)
  • Example 3 (a custom example from the audience)

• Resources

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