Announcing Boolean Sourcing Mastery Classes

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I am forming two Boolean Sourcing Mastery Classes, for people who would like to bring their Internet Search skills to a true Boolean Master’s level:

  • Boolean Mastery Class Level I (Beginner-to-Intermediate level),
  • Boolean Mastery Class Level II (Intermediate-to-Advanced level).

Each group will meet by webinar, twice monthly, 90 minutes each, for a total of twelve sessions. Sessions will start mid-January 2011 and last for six months.

Every session will have follow-up on the previous session, lecture, demos, and interactive discussion. I will provide hand-outs, homework, and quizzes on the material. At the end of the semester participants will get a DVD with all the materials.

If you sign up, please expect to actively participate in discussions, practice and apply what you learn.

I will be available for Q&A (and also, if necessary, to catch up if you miss a session), by email and by phone.

Expect your sourcing mastery, productivity, and rate of success to rise with every session.

Here’s the Program Outline:

  • An Overview of Sourcing
  • Boolean Syntax
  • Major Search Engines
    • Google
    • Bing/Yahoo
    • Advanced Boolean Operators
  • Industry/Terminology Search
  • Geography Search
  • LinkedIn
    • Advanced People Search
    • Tips and Tricks
  • Twitter
  • People Search Engines
  • Cross-Referencing Information
  • Specialized Search
    • Vertical Search Engines
    • Meta-search Engines
    • Semantic Search
    • Deep Web
  • Productivity Tools
  • [For the Advanced Group] Custom Search Engines
  • [For the Advanced Group] Advanced Sourcing Shortcuts
  • New Tools and Sites (as they come up :))

At the end of the program the participants who successfully pass the final quiz will be awarded the titles and receive certifications of a Boolean Master or a Boolean Advanced Master (for the two groups).

You will feel confident, comfortable with tools and terminology, will successfully apply new sourcing skills and knowledge to your practice, and – most importantly – have fun doing advanced online sourcing.

Sessions begin mid-January 2011. Price: $1,999 before 31/1/2010; $2,299 after 1/1/2010. (Compare to AIRS pricing.)

Payments need to be sent to: Irina Shamaeva, Brain Gain Recruiting, 201 Vista Heights Road, El Cerrito CA 94530.

Space is limited to a small number of participants, so that everybody gets personal attention.

Questions? Please call 510-233-9493 (Pacific time) or email me at  [email protected]

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