Unlock Matches on #LinkedIn

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Posting a paid job on LinkedIn could be well worth the money spent. A good reason for that is the job’s visibility, and not just on LinkedIn. Post a job, and Google picks it up in a matter of seconds. Set up a Google alert and you will see that. Jobs are also listed on your company page, making it more complete.

However, my current recommendation is to skip the extra pay for the “Unlock Matches”, where LinkedIn promises to automatically find candidates for you. As attractive as it may sound, the technology is just not there yet. I could write an article explaining why I think so, but I’d say our experience is what proves it best. (Of course, I might be wrong. If you are a recruiter with a positive experience finding candidates by auto-matching by any system – as opposed to a vendor of semantic search systems for candidates, – could you please leave a comment? I’d be very interested to hear from you.)

I suggest though that you take a closer look at the profiles LinkedIn picks when you post a job. Mouse over a profile and you will see plenty of info to locate the candidate yourself.

(By the way, if you do post a job for your company, I suggest asking a colleague who is new to LinkedIn.)

What has your experience been?