A Hint on Optimizing Company Profiles on #LinkedIn

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Search Engine Optimization is a tricky area. But it’s less tricky on LinkedIn than on Google and Bing. Here is a top hint on how to make your company profile be one of the first listed in a keyword search. Let’s look at what LinkedIn writes on their blog about their new company search algorithm:

“When searching for a company, we not only look across the words used to describe that company but also the words that the company’s employees use to describe themselves on their LinkedIn profiles.”

(That’s an interesting way to program the search. This means, by the way, that if one of your employees mentions, say, yoga or snowboarding, your company is likely to be shown in a search for these keywords as well. )

So, the bottom line is: ask your employees to add your target keywords to their profiles and see your company go up in the search results list.

As an example, below you see a screenshot listing UK companies that are found in the “SAP recruitment” search. If you belong to one of these companies, you can now try to get higher up in the list using the hint.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn doesn’t recognize variations of a word, so, say, sourcer, sourcers,and sourcing would be separate words to optimize for.

Please let me know how this works for you!

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