Advanced Custom Search Engine: “Online Lead Generator”

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Online Lead Generator

This custom search engine will look for Excel files with lists of people, including their names, titles, companies, and contact information. To find lists that are relevant to your business, you can use Boolean strings with target companies’ names ( OR or target titles (Director OR “Vice President”) . You can also try generic keywords that point to lists, such as directory, list, attendees, members, roster, etc.

Combine it with Outwit Docs for Firefox and get more leads than you’ll be able to manage – in a matter of seconds.!:)

(If you are curious how it’s built, you’d need to look into editing the XML context file for your CSE. I have figured out a way to trigger a refinement upon any search by editing the engine’s XML code.)

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    1. Guess I’m not a cave man. Could you show me an example of how to use this – a boolean search to use in google for nurses at

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