Who Is Thinking of a New Career?

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Q: What do many people do when they start to think about their career? A: They update their LinkedIn profile.

Up till recently tracking, which members update their profiles, was only possible for your first level connections, as an example, by subscribing to Bullhorn Reach.
It is now possible to watch for all the skills and title changes by using the LinkedIn Signal. This is available to all members and is free to use.

Here is a screenshot that clearly shows that you can include anyone on LinkedIn:

You can see the results that come at all “levels of connection” from the person who searches:

As always in any LinkedIn search, we get a bonus of seeing the distribution of the search results along several facets. As an example, look which companies have employees with the keyword “java” and the largest numbers of updated profiles in the last two weeks.

You can also “Save” the search, creating an alert for yourself that will track profile changes, based on your keywords and filters.

Do you know of other great uses of the Signal?

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