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I have just returned from the Sourcing Summit – 2012 (see the report: Sourcing in Australia).

The photo below is from a session in Brisbane. The search string on Google that we were exploring is

site: “contact * * phone * * * * * email * *”


This is a demonstration of sourcing techniques that make things wonderfully fast. Suppose we are looking for people who are likely to be members of this Association. If we run the search above; then scroll through the three pages of results, forcing them to the screen via Fastest Chrome or Fastest Fox; then use the Contact Capture (find it on the Tools tab on my blog if you don’t have it), the result will be obtained in approximately 15 seconds and will look like this. I have also attached it as an excel file to a copy of this post on the Ning network.

Further on, we can cross-reference the list of people on Facebook:

 …on LinkedIn…


…and pretty quickly decide whom to call, based on the wealth of the collected information.


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