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I am always happy to do sourcing! With the increased volume of Internet Research/People Sourcing/Name Generation projects we have started using a simple Checklist for clients that I would like to share.

Here are the questions:

  1. Filled out by:
  2. Date:
  3. Job/Role Description (attach)
  4. Notes (what is key; what makes it hard; where you have looked)
  5. Preferred Delivery (Resumes: y/n; LinkedIn Profiles: y/n; Other Social Profiles: y/n; Excel contact lists: y/n; other)
  6. Target Location(s)
  7. Additional Locations (optional)
  8. Ideal Profile(s) (optional) (attach) [this is THE BEST piece of information!]
  9. Salary Range (optional)
  10. Synonym Titles (optional)
  11. Must have skills/keywords (optional)
  12. Avoid skills/keywords (optional)
  13. Years of experience (optional)
  14. Target companies (optional)
  15. Avoid Companies (optional)
  16. Preferred Schools (optional)
  17. Conferences (optional)
  18. Certifications (optional)
  19. Associations (optional)

It can be accesses here: Sourcing Checklist

Here is what I feel is different in the sourcing services we can provide:

  • I can optionally include explanations and interactive sessions to show how I have found the results as part of the project – so that you’ll be training your team as well as obtaining research results
  • We offer a variety of output formats and types of information, checking with you mid-way, with the goal of raising your ROI
  • Well, we are also pretty good at finding people 🙂

The type of a relationship with companies that I have found most rewarding and mutually beneficial is being part-time “on call” as a resource for teams of corporate recruiters. I’d be glad to talk with you if you would like to explore this in better detail. I’d also be curious to compare notes with those who do part-time “most urgent, most difficult” sourcing projects for corporations.


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