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This seems to be a frequently asked question: how to search for people in Europe using LinkedIn? I have decided to share my suggestions on the blog.

To search for people in Europe (or anywhere across a large territory), you can do a radius search around a (sort-of) a center point in Europe and cover many countries at once.

I have not looked into the “right” location and the “right” radius for Europe in any precise detail, but this doesn’t matter a whole lot if you find an approximate position and an approximate radius. So, here’s how to construct such a search. I have used the word “engineer” for keyword, as an example. Note the changed “distance” in the URL; I have changed it from “10” to”600″ and am using the postal code for Berlin here:

Search in (most of) Europe

This will not exactly cover “everything” and will have some false positives as you expand the radius, but this should be good enough to cover a large territory across countries.

This can be repeated for *several* circles on the map, for better precision, as the above map shows. The postal code of the center circle on the map is 38820, Germany.

Alternatively, you could pick all the two-letter European codes from the list of all the county codes and then X-ray LinkedIn on Google, but you may miss some results that have not been picked by Google and possibly members in small countries that do not have the 2-letter abbreviations.

Either way you would get the majority of the members you are trying to locate much faster than searching within each country in turn.

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