Sourcing Mini-Challenge: 3 Mysterious Screenshots

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Hi Everyone,

If you feel like hanging out by the computer a little longer, here’s a little 3-part summer fun Sourcing Challenge for you.

 I have used my “Contacts” on LinkedIn for the screenshots below.

CONTEST: For each of the screenshots, please explain: A) what sort order was selected. B) why the search has brought up these results.




Submissions: Please send your guesses to with the subject #sourcing

Deadline: EOB PDT July 9, 2013.

Prize: either a webinar of your choice from our Training Library or one hour 1-on-1 sourcing with Irina Shamaeva

Please answer the exact questions above and submit the answers by emailing only. Other ways of submissions or not answering these exact questions may disqualify participants.

Good luck! 🙂