How To Find and Attract Technical Talent: Wed April 2 at 10 AM PDT

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Join me for a new webinar: “How To Find and Attract Technical Talent”. 

You can register at the bottom of this page.

Who should attend: Technical Recruiters of all levels and everyone interested in recruiting technical talent.

Why you should attend: If you are searching for technical talent in 2014, you are aware how challenging it is. Technical skills are in demand. Top talented Engineers are not likely to return your calls or respond to InMails on LinkedIn.

Want to take your sourcing skills in IT Recruiting to the next level? Join me for a new webinar, covering every major tool and every way to locate technical talent online (including finding potential candidates that others won’t) and ways to attract attention of potential candidates.

Terminology and Roles. To help to navigate through searches and to be prepared to write attractive messages, we’ll discuss how to make sense of the terminology, such as programming languages, “front-end”, “back-end”, “full stack”, “open source”, Hadoop, etc. We’ll go over the specifics of different roles such as Developer, Data Scientist, Build Engineer, DBA, Network Admin, QA Engineer, etc. We’ll cover useful points for communicating with hiring managers regarding informative and appealing job descriptions.

Sourcing Methods. We’ll go over searching and sourcing methods and tips on LinkedIn, Github, Stackoverflow, Google-Plus,, and combining various sources; building custom search engines and alerts, using possible terminology variations and synonyms. We’ll also briefly go over several people aggregators such as Hiringsolved, Swoop Talent, Dice Open Web, Gild, and Entelo.

Effective Messages. Finally, I will provide insights on contacting “techies” and getting their attention and positive response, based on my own communication with Recruiters being a Software Engineer, then Manager, placed by Recruiters in my “previous” life (some years ago).

I am looking forward to sharing technical tips and insights with you!

Date/Time: Wednesday April 2 at 10 AM PDT/ 1 PM EDT

Registration/Cost: $99 (after you submit a payment you will receive a link to log in to the webinar within 24 hours, and before the webinar for sure).

Included: Attendance (optional); Slides, Video-recording, and One month of support on the subject.


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    I was working with a leading job portal in India. I am currently joined BSRIT who provide recruitment for IT firms in India. pls suggest if this webinar help me.


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