Facebook and Twitter for Sourcing – Webinar WED May 21 at 9 AM (Repeat)

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Looking for more ways to source without LinkedIn? This hands-on sourcing webinar will go over dozens of tips and tools for sourcing on the two social networking giants, Facebook and Twitter.

(This webinar is complementary to the prerecorded webinars “Sourcing without LinkedIn” and “Sourcing with Google-Plus” in the Training Library.)

Who should attend: Sourcers, Recruiters, Talent Acquisition Specialists, all those who search for professionals online; everyone who wants to learn new sourcing tips and get up-to-date on top sourcing methods.

What is Covered

Specifically, I’ll cover: little-known ways to perform Boolean search on Facebook; Facebook Graph search “hacking”; recruiting tools and add-ons to Facebook; factors affecting professional data visibility on Facebook; new ways to X-Ray Twitter and to search within Twitter lists, available due to the just-happened profile redesign; advanced Boolean search syntax on Twitter; tools to search the Big Data in the “Twitter Fire hose” in real time; Social Look-up tools and browser extensions; and social cross-referencing between Twitter, Facebook, and the rest of the Social Web. I’ll also compare various sourcing techniques on Facebook and Twitter in terms of their ROI.

Space is limited; sign up now!

Date: Wednesday, 2014 — note – this is a repeat of the May 9 webinar, scheduled gain due to many requests!
Time: 9 AM PDT/ noon EDT
Length: 90 minutes
Included: slides, video-recording, one month of support.
Price: $99

Schedule conflict or the “wrong” time zone? No worries; the slides, the video-recording, and one month support are provided to all who sign up.


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