Candidates: Why You Don’t See the Salary Range on LinkedIn Job Posts

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In the previous post Why You Lose Potential Candidates with LinkedIn Job Posts, I talked about the (wrong) estimated salary ranges used on LinkedIn Job posts and – unfortunately! – in the advanced Job Search.

Here’s another piece of information on how LinkedIn job posts work. It may unpleasantly surprise you even more. (Sorry!) If you read further, you will see that stating the salary range on a job posted on LinkedIn is allowed – but it does exactly nothing. Read on.

As a side note, candidates often don’t realize that those who post jobs are often not in a position to state the expected salary ranges.

However – many recruiters and hiring managers can post the salary range. In fact, I just did that – I posted a salary range on a job description on LinkedIn. To do that, I (appropriately) used the “edit” job post function on LinkedIn, then saved the result. Here is a screenshot of the edit window; the arrow points to the salary range I had entered:


Great! (I expected the estimated salary range not to be a problem any longer.)

Here is what the job post looks like after editing:


Where is that salary range? – You might ask. The answer is: the posted salary is (still) not shown anywhere on the job page. The only salary mentioned is still that “estimated” one, on the right, and it provides the same wrong info as before (for this job):


You may also notice that I am getting desperate for qualified candidates and am offering a serious referral fee of $5K . That lucrative offer is also nowhere to be found.

Then, I proceeded to check what happens in the job search dialog. If the correct salary range is taken into account in the search, it would be an indirect pointer to the range, but at least this job will not be filtered out by candidates when they search.

Alas! I did a very narrow search, to display that one job only…


… and then looked at the salary selection on the left:


It was clear that my job, in spite of the explicitly posted salary range, is still found in the salary range that is “estimated” and is about $20-30K lower than what I had posted.

Conclusion: In the case of LinkedIn Job posts, please blame LinkedIn, not Recruiters for not providing the correct salary information. (For hiding the referral bonus info, blame LinkedIn, too!)

P.S. I hope LinkedIn will fix this very soon.

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