Googling for LinkedIn Profiles

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This is a refresher on searching for LinkedIn profiles via Google (“X-Raying” LinkedIn) and links to a Custom Search Engine for those who don’t want to write complex Boolean Strings.

LinkedIn has many public pages that Google indexes: profiles, company pages, job posts, and more.

Public member profiles have URLs that include either “/in” or “/pub” after “” – for example, and

To find any pages on LinkedIn, use the search string on Google.
To find public profiles, use OR

To make things slightly complicated, LinkedIn puts “directories” of profiles under “/pub” as well;  for example:

To exclude those directories in the search results and see the public profiles only, use exactly this Boolean String template on Google: OR -pub.dir (add keywords).

To avoid the “/in’s” and “/pub’s” in the search syntax you can use this Google custom search engine:

>>> (just enter the keywords).


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