Sourcing on Facebook, Twitter, and Google-Plus: New Webinar!

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As Sourcers and Recruiters, we face increasing costs for searching and messaging on the dedicated professional networks and decreasing performance on job boards. It’s time to review the sourcing capabilities of the “other” major Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook, and Google-Plus. These Social Networks do not identify as the designated sites to recruit professionals, yet they contain huge volumes of professional information and provide incredibly easy ways to message target professionals.

Join the webinar to get up-to-date on the searching and messaging tools Twitter, Facebook, and Google-Plus offer. Learn how to take advantage of the recently changed software features and the new tools . We’ll provide comprehensive coverage of Sourcing tips and strategies for each of the three networks, to help you decide what percentage of your time to spend on each one for the optimized ROI and which tools would serve you the best.

The webinar will cover many hands-on sourcing tips, including accessing the Facebook Graph search (that is “officially” gone); searching the  Twitter’s Firehose; X-Raying Google-Plus and other sites based on semantic markup; emailing Facebook members without using the messaging system; using new Twitter messaging and retweeting capabilities. Additionally, we’ll go over social lookup tools that locate professionals on these networks, get additional data on their professional skills, and make the initial messages highly relevant and initial calls – warmer.

The webinar registration is now open. Dates: Lecture – Tuesday, July 21st, 2015; optional Practice – Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015. Hurry! Seating is limited.

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