Magically Sourcing Resumes on Slideshare

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We’ve recently had a good (and still ongoing) discussion on the Boolean group on How to find LinkedIn profiles that have a resume embedded into the page via I thought it might be useful to summarize the main points.

While Slideshare is now part of LinkedIn, there’s not a whole lot we can do regarding searching for the Slideshare documents attached to LinkedIn profiles, because “Only your 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn can see your SlideShare presentations.”

On the other hand, most Slideshare documents are public, so you can search for them from Google: intitle:resume CPA IL (773 OR 312)

Slideshare has its own search, that is somewhat limited, but can serve as another search option: “Resume”  “CPA” “773” “312”  “IL”

Here is an interesting twist on X-Raying Slideshare. The documents on Slideshare are represented as images, with text “transcripts” at the bottom of the pages. Based on that knowledge, we can X-Ray for images on Google and get nice visual previews of the search results:

(image search) intitle:resume CPA IL (773 OR 312) – this is what the search results look like:



For those who don’t like using advanced Google search operators, here is a Custom Search Engine to search for Resumes on Slideshare – just add your keywords: public link

To get up to 1,000 results, use this CSE (just enter your keywords):

For those who are looking for people in Academia or in Europe – the ones who name their professional bios “CVs” – here’s another Search Engine:

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