Webinar: Custom Search Engines for Everyone

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Please join me for a new webinar on Custom Search Engines.

Google’s Custom Search Engines (CSEs) have long been a favorite tool for experts searching the Internet. CSEs benefit researchers in many ways: by providing a simple User Interface and lessening the need for advanced Boolean operators; expanding the limits of Google’s search capabilities; and eliminating annoying “captcha”s triggered by complex searches.

Some of the advanced features of CSEs may require a technical background, but anyone can create simple CSEs to make life easier for them and their team. In fact, some useful, specialized CSEs can be built from scratch in a matter of minutes.

Join me for an informative webinar about the creation and use of Custom Search Engines. In my presentation, I will go beyond the basic CSE-building rules, to include some simple to use CSE “hacks” to help stretch your research further.

I will also share more than a dozen of CSEs I have created, along with the steps I used to build them.

Who should attend: Sourcers, Recruiters, Researchers, and everyone who searches the Internet and wants to create CSE’s for themselves and their teams. Note: we expect the attendees to be familiar with the Boolean search syntax on Google.

Takeaways: A library of CSE’s for your research and new skills for building CSEs.

Lecture– October 28th (Wednesday) at 9 AM PDT/noon EDT.
Hands-On Practice (optional) – October 29th (Thursday) at 9 AM PDT/noon EDT.

Seating is limited.

To sign up, please visit our training site.

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