How To Find Anyone’s Work Email Address

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In this post, I will explain how to locate the correct work email address in the case when a company uses a pattern including the middle initial (e.g. As an example, ConocoPhillips and JPMorgan use that format. Middle initials are often hidden from public profiles, and it is not always easy to look them up.

Just to mention a quick way to Google for email addresses that use the middle initial. Use this type of search – put the asterisk instead of the unknown initial:

If Googling doesn’t bring results, here’s a way that takes a bit longer.  This method can also be used to find the correct email address for anyone, starting with of a list of email permutations.

First, generate a list of variations (permutations) of the address. Here is a quick example – a list of email variations in an Excel file. You can also use any existing email permutator.

Next, populate a Yahoo-CSV-formatted file with the list.

Import the file it to your LinkedIn Contacts (scroll down to this icon):

Shortly after uploading, here is what you will see in the “Contacts” sorted by “new”. (I am using the example Yahoo CSV list):


Looking at this list of contacts – it’s pretty clear what the correct address is. Right? (You can download the example CSV file and try yourself).

That’s it, folks!

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