10 Little-Known Strings to Mine Member and Attendee Lists



Many Sourcers know how to locate lists of professionals in Excel format by using the operator filetype: and the typical column headings, such as name, title, company, and email. Indeed, by adding keywords to a search like filetype:xls name title company email we can find lists of professionals whose background we can further investigate to see if they match our requirements.

There, however, lots of other ways to search for lists, that we can come up with, based on creative thinking and common sense combined (which is always a good recipe for successful sourcing!).

It will be up to the reader to figure out why these strings work and how to adjust them to work for your cases – but it shouldn’t be hard. Here you go:

Sorted Lists

Updated Lists

Email Domains

Personal Names

Job Titles and Abbreviations

The possibilities are endless!

I will be sharing numerous ways to mine lists and professional profiles both from the Surface and Deep Web in the special repeat of our most-attended lecture ever – “Sourcing without LinkedIn” on July 27th – don’t miss it!