Deadline and Prizes for the Sourcing Challenge

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As I have promised, here are the formal rules for the Sourcing Challenge.

Answer the questions in a comment here – Are You an Advanced Sourcer or Researcher? Partial answers are welcome; you do not have to post all the answers in one comment. It’s OK to add an extra comment where you change your mind on an answer as well.

The post has 12 13 questions. Each correct answer to a question gives the participant one point, except the correct answer to the question number 4 gives a whole five TEN points. Also, I have added one more question – #13 – also TEN points.

The first person to answer each question correctly gets one additional point. The answers need to be explained.

The person with the largest number of points is the winner. In the case of a tie, we’ll take a look at the explanations; we might have more than one winner, too.

The prize is a choice of a one-hour consultation – where we can source together, or talk about sourcing tools and tips – with your choice of: me (Irina), David Galley, or Martin Lee; access to one webinar of your choice from our Training Library; and participation in our new tool Beta-testing (now, developed in a stealth mode).

Additionally, here is the grand prize for anyone who answers all 12 questions correctly: access to all of our Training Materials.

Deadline: Monday, October 24th, 2016.

Best of luck, Sourcers!

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