The Fastest Ever Way to Uncover Hidden Names

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LinkedIn shows very little information about members who are out of our networks, even for those of us who pay for premium personal accounts.

This brand new method to uncover the real name, when we see “LinkedIn Member” instead, and view the full profile takes about ONE SECOND to execute. Here is how it works.

Take a very, very careful look at the screenshot below. Need I say more?


This name-and-profile uncovering technique, that you have just figured out, works in the cases where the member has set a custom profile URL. For those members who haven’t, we can also find the name and profile easier than before – it would just take more than one second (but it’s also quick).

I have also figured out ways to lift the limitations for other cases, such as how to work around the commercial search limits (in a way that was never shared online) and more.

Get the webinar Overcoming LinkedIn Limitations to learn many more new tips and techniques. As always, we provide the slides and video for everyone to keep, and one month of support.

P.S. If you have a Recruiter subscription, I’d recommend getting the LinkedIn Recruiter webinar recording from our Sourcing Training Library. All others, no matter with a free or a paid account, will find this webinar useful and informative. I promise!


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