Seven Fun X-Ray Strings for Tech Talent

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Those of us who search for Technical Talent, know how competitive the industry has been. Let me offer some X-Ray searches to help to discover potential IT candidates – and to help to grow your X-Ray skills. As always, pay attention to the URL structure and common phrases that are unique for the target pages, and you’ll find what you are looking for! I have included Google searches that that you probably have not seen on other blogs; take a few minutes to try and figure out why they produce the results they do.

Here you go:

  1. machine learning – Developer stories, that represent their professional history
  2. London Devops “last seen today OR yesterday” – recently active users (hoping that Googlebot has caught up fast)
  3. “member since” geeks 94105 – members of Meetup gatherings happening at the zip code 94105
  4. “10.. results for repositories written in Python” inurl:repositories – users who have written a lot in Python (though you may argue that this is not an X-Ray string J)
  5. inurl:repositories javascript golang Berlin – profiles of people who have written code in both JavaScript and Go
  6.*/resume developer “mountain view” javascript – built-in Github resumes
  7. resume angularjs Chicago – resumes on Github “pages”

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