Social List: Searching the Structured Web

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Social List Demo

Join us for a webinar on August 2, 2017.

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You are invited to a demo of our new sourcing tool Social List

Social List searches for structured information on the Internet. It combines the conveniences of Google X-Raying of Social Networks with a precise search for fields such as location, job title, and company. Before Social List, this search precision (or “faceted” search) has only been offered in databases (that are often expensive) but not in X-Raying.

Social List offers exporting lists of profiles that it finds, with the structured information included, in an Excel format. Many of our users start their sourcing here, by generating lists of prospects to explore. I must say, I use the tool for my sourcing projects a lot!

Since our first limited release several months ago, we have enhanced Social List by introducing more search options, new search Agents, and display and export structured data such as titles, companies, and locations.

Here are a few quick screenshots; you are invited to see the tool in action at the webinar.

We call our X-Ray tools “Agents”. Here’s a screenshot of the Github Agent search dialog:

Here is what the search results look like – as you can see, we have enhanced them with extra structured information; the example is from our ResearchGate Agent:

Finally, here is what export looks like; the example is from Doximity Agent:

I hope to “see” you at the demo! Any questions, please email me (Irina Shamaeva).

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