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In his post on SourceCon, @RandyBailey wrote about sourcing using‘s service Email to Address. The service provides the “associated” (physical) addresses based on an email, and vise versa – it also shows names, emails, and, often, phone numbers based on a street address.

I was exploring the site in relation to our “Data cleaning and enrichment” webinar. Let me share another, unexpected aspect of how the service works. In Email to Address, I first tried to enter an address of a nearby apartment building. I got an impressive list of names, emails – mostly, private (like Gmail), – and selected phone numbers. I was curious whether some numbers were mobile – and yes, they were; I verified several using, and a few were mobile.

It then occurred to me to try to enter an address of a business building. One address I remembered was Apple’s, and I searched for it – One Infinite Drive, Cupertino, CA.

(Try it!)

The results, when I ran the query, contained over 400 names, emails, and some phone numbers. Interestingly, a significant percentage of these emails was

The stats on the above email list, when cross-referenced with LinkedIn (using Talent Pipeline in Recruiter), were interesting: only ~10% of the addresses were identified, but those that were, almost all belong to people who work at Apple at that location. Out of a small sample, it’s hard to generalize, but we do get lists of people working in the building in this exercise.

Here are some other examples:

As long as we verify these email addresses from Melissadata, we can be acquiring these contacts in some quantities. Want to try the above for some major corporations’ headquarters? Share what you find!

In the webinar “Data cleaning and enrichment” (that we are going to repeat) we’ll study some free ways to verify and refresh recruiting data with the help of Social Networks, as well as delegating the enrichment task to specialized (affordable) tools. Register for the webinar to find out all about data refresh, clean, enrich tools and methods.


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