You’ve heard of SourceCon Austin (Guest Post by Dave Galley)

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This is a guest post from my business partner, a brilliant Sourcer, from whom I learn every day, David Galley. David will be speaking at the upcoming SourceCon in Austin. If you are going, please say “hi” to him, and I certainly recommend attending his talk.


Now get ready for

Purple Squirrel in a Curl

Wondering, “What the #@$%*! does that mean?” You are not alone.

I ask myself the same question on a daily basis, though usually in response to a jargon-laden job description or poorly written resume. That is when I am not suffering from total information overload. There are so many details to keep track of, so many potential candidates to pursue, so many places to look for them, and so many different approaches to searching!

Sometimes keeping track of the what and how (never mind the who) seems like a full-time commitment all its own. How can you avoid falling down rabbit holes chasing the latest in browser extensions, databases, and search strings?

The best solution I’ve found is to focus on asking the right questions, which is what my upcoming SourceCon presentation: “‘To AND, OR NOT to AND,’ Is Not The Question” is all about. Will you be at SourceCon? Don’t be shy, swing by and say hello! I’ll be demonstrating the right (and wrong) questions to ask in order to find your target candidates in Grand Ballroom A at 2:25PM CDT on Wednesday, September 27.

While you’re in the neighborhood, here are more fantastic George Boole track presentations for you to enjoy:

You can find the full schedule (including four more content tracks, some amazing keynote speakers, and more) over at the official SourceCon Austin 2017 site. (Psst! Need a ticket? Click here and use code ATX17DG.)

Here’s one for the road. You’ve heard of SourceCon Austin, now get ready for

It says, "I won't tell, that would be cheating."

(Consider the answer to that one your pre-SourceCon homework.)

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