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Googling for recently updated profiles is a tricky business. However, Custom Search Engines, with their fascinating capabilities, allow us to set up sorting by date in the settings, making convenient UI to searching for pages that have been recently updated.

If you were wondering, search results for the same query, 1) sorted by relevance and 2) sorted by date, as a rule, will not be the same. It’s not that “sorting by date” just changes the results order – the results from the two searches may overlap but will be, for the most part, different. With the maximum number of results being 100, we can, for example, expect to get a total of 180 results from the same LinkedIn X-Ray sorted both ways.’

Here is a new CSE:

LinkedIn – Recently Updated Profiles

Its default (and the only option) is results sorted by date. Try to run searches on this CSE, compare with the relevance-sorted results on a LinkedIn X-Ray CSE, and see the difference!



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