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Recruiters: want to become better Talent Sourcers? We are the Sourcing Training and Certification providers and have developed a large number of training courses for Recruitment professionals and all interested. The sourcing training materials and webinars that we offer cover every topic in-depth. For the fans of Boolean training – we have the largest set of classes covering the favorite topic. The classes cover beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics. As our unique offering, every Sourcing training class comes with one month of support for all who sign up.

Our Sourcing Training Library includes 19 in-depth modules on all Internet Sourcing techniques:

  • Sourcing without LinkedIn (most popular!)
  • What Every Recruiter Needs to Know About Sourcing
  • How to Clean, Refresh, and Enrich Your Recruitment Data
  • Sourcing Methodologies
  • Overcoming LinkedIn’s Limitations
  • Mastering LinkedIn Recruiter
  • Facebook Sourcing Mastery
  • Sourcing without Boolean
  • Boolean Strings Basics
  • 300 Best Boolean Strings
  • Improving Candidate Response Rates
  • How to Find and Attract Tech Talent
  • Sourcing for Diversity
  • Recruitment Research – What, Why and How
  • How To Find Clients & Vacancies for Your Agency
  • Sourcing Internationally
  • Data-Driven Recruiting
  • Productivity Tools for Sourcing
  • Custom Search Engines for Everyone

Check the Training Library out at

We regularly run live Sourcing training classes, with a mix of Lectures, Practice sessions, and workshops. The most popular workshop has been the Advanced Google Sourcing Workshop.

Our yearly Sourcing Training subscription is the best deal, with over 75% savings on the training modules, and additional offerings. The subscription includes access to all the modules in the Training Library, as they are updated throughout the year, live Sourcing workshops, the Boolean Strings Book, and the Sourcing Certification Exam, that hundreds of your peers have taken, becoming Certified People Sourcing Professionals (#CPSP).

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