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I want to let you know about the new free Chrome extension that we have developed.

The extension has two modes. In one, it collects all emails on a page, including hidden emails (hyperlinks). There are other extensions with the same functionality – however, ours has a superior formula for extracting emails and does a better job than others. You will see the number of emails over the extension icon. When you click the icon, the emails are copied to the clipboard so that you can paste them in a document.

The second mode, that you can select by right-clicking the extension icon in the toolbar, is unique – there are no free tools that do the same. It extracts and collects all email addresses on all the pages you visit. Example use cases are going through the pages of search results on Github or Google or some other site. As you go to the next page, and the page after that, emails are appended to the collected set, and you can see the accumulated number of emails over the icon. Then, when you click the extension icon, all of the collected emails are copied to the clipboard, and you can paste them in a document. There is no limit on the number of pages where the tool collects emails or the number of emails.

In both modes, the tool deduplicates the list of emails.

To access the new tool go to

Here are example searches you can use to test the extension:

Hope you will find the tool useful!

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      Hi Alexander,
      Good question! Our tool does not save any email addresses or any information at all. As soon as it’s copied to the clipboard, it’s gone from our storage. SO the tool is GDPR-compliant.
      If GDPR affects you, you need to figure out how to use the tool to stay compliant also.

  1. Hi, I decided to add the extension and give it a try. I have been able to reveal email addresses with ContactOut. I went to a LinkedIn profile that had a hidden email address I revealed with ContactOut. I clicked on the Email Extractor for that page and this is what copied to my clipboard: [email protected]

    What is the issue?

    Thanks, Sara

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      Hi Sara,
      Thanks for your question. The tool extracts all emails from the page’s HTML code. The information presented by the extension ContactOut is outside of the page. The profile page that you looked at does not have an email address in it – the email, in this case, is coming from ContactOut’s database. Some people post their emails visibly on the profiles, for those, the tool would collect them.
      I hope it helps.

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