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We have just announced a brand-new webinar and workshop “Common Sense Sourcing,” that I would like to tell you about.

I have recently posted two polls with suggestions of webinars that our colleagues would be interested in – on Facebook, in the Boolean Strings Group, and on LinkedIn. This topic described as “Common Sense Sourcing” workshop. Explaining hands-on techniques that would allow you to productively source on Google, Social Networks, and professional sites, with multiple examples got the largest number of votes. (Please feel free to add your comment about the choices of future webinars).

We have created the “Common Sense Sourcing” webinar material based on years of communicating with our webinars’ attendees, talking with recruiters at events, and reading sourcing-related blog posts. We have seen Recruiters failing to get the results they want because of the wrong assumptions, incorrect search syntax, or using only limited techniques and platforms. We want to help Recruiters to overcome the difficulties; lots can be improved without using advanced techniques or tools.

Sourcing is not just for nerds! It’s not rocket science! Everyone can learn to source productively, following some simple techniques that we will demonstrate, understanding why they work, and having the right expectations about sourcing on various platforms. By following the tips that we will show, you will start getting results (that your competition wouldn’t), raise your productivity – and have fun sourcing!

Here is what we will discuss, and we will provide multiple examples as well as ready-to-use search templates:

  • The Main Search Principle and how it works in search engines and databases
  • What you can and cannot find online
  • How to expand and narrow the search
  • Differences in search syntax on Google vs. LinkedIn and other platforms
  • Locating associations, conferences and social sites where your potential candidates “hang out”
  • Finding more leads once you have a matching profile
  • How to create X-Ray templates, including Meetup, Crunchbase, Github, StackOverflow, and niche association sites from various industries
  • X-Raying sites for professional bios and lists of leads with contact info
  • “Implicit” search

… and more.

The webinar will be useful for beginner and experienced Recruiters alike, and for anyone who searches for professionals on the web as part of their job.

You can get a recording of the webinar in our Training Library at this link: “Common Sense Sourcing“.

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